Brand Overview

Shards of London - Every Jewel Tells a Story

From the dawning of light to the opening of adventure, each beautiful piece of Shards of London handcrafted jewellery begins a tale, whispering secrets and drawing its wearer along for the ride.

Designed in our London studio, the Shards of London collection is a unique range of precious and semiprecious jewellery created for the every woman. Crafted from the finest materials, by some of the world’s most talented artisans, the Shards range exhibits a level of refinement traditionally only found in fine jewellery complemented by the innovations of modern technology.

Inspired by our designer’s global travels, each Shards of London piece tells its own story; the essence of an idea, a place, a city or a beautiful object of nature; a form of tangible poetry.

Offering women a choice of stunning collections, suitable for both every day and occasion wear, Shards of London have encapsulated elegance. Whether purchased as a personal indulgence or a generous gift, each piece of jewellery has its own unique story, blending the legend of its creation with the personal narrative of the wearer.

The first part of the story has already been written, it’s down to the wearer to write the rest.


Inspiration is everywhere

From shop windows in London on a foggy night, to lights in Abu Dhabi and sculptures in China; rich visual inspiration can be found around every corner. But, while the essence of each piece of Shards of London jewellery is an expression of an idea, that idea is just the beginning.

The concept comes first, followed by sketching, then the design is brought to life through the meticulous selection of setting and stone.

Hand drawn designs are transferred to CAD for mould making, production planning and casting before a Shards of London artisan jewellery maker finishes each piece by hand; filing, stone setting, polishing, embellishing and finishing. Once the piece has been quality approved it is shipped to London’s Assay Office for testing and hallmarking, and then it is ready for sale.

Elegant, beautiful, with a story to tell, each piece of Shards of London Jewellery has already had quite an adventure;looking for a wearer it is waiting for its next journey to begin.

Brand Essence

A gem cannot sparkle if it never sees the light

Shards of London helps every gemstone to gleam, and every woman who wears their jewellery to shine. Inspired by cities, intangible concepts and natural phenomena encountered upon their global travels, the Shards designers have created eight collections of elegant, sophisticated jewellery; each with a fascinatingtale to tell; each handcrafted by talented artisans; each at a price point accessible to ordinary women.

Handcrafted, distinctive, desirable. What story will your Shards of London jewellery tell you?

Brand Values

Beauty is not about exclusivity.
All women should be allowed to feel special

With Shards of London, exceptional beauty is accessible for all.

Just like the people who wear it, no two pieces of Shards of London jewellery are entirely alike. Designed in London, every piece carries traces of its journey; the concept that inspired it; the country that produced its precious or semi-precious stones; the people who made it; and the person who will wear it.

Ethical, inclusive and progressive, Shards of London seek to deliver the standards of exclusivity to the wider jewellery-buying public.

A lightness of touch and a sprinkling of alchemy generate jewellery exuding understated elegance, which combines classic British ideals with flashes of exoticism.

Brand Symbol

The two-part design selected as Shards of London’s insignia has been formed from blending a recurring motif which runs throughout many of the brand’s jewellery collections, and one of the most integral tools of the trade; the beading tool. Together, these two pieces encapsulate the brand; elegant design and skilful handcrafting.

Brand Mark

A shard is both a piece of glass and a ray of light. The word Shard literally brings light into a room as the light reflects in different directions off the stoneand figuratively lights up someone’s life. Designed in London, and promoting British brand values, Shards of London was created to spread happiness and light in the form of exquisite jewellery.

Always “of London” in line with brand values

Never just “SHARDS” on its own. Always in brand colours sapphire on white or reverse

Brand Mark and Strapline

"Every Jewel Tells a Story"

Travelling the world has opened the eyes for Shards of London designers in more ways than one. Coming across beautiful design inspiration near and far lies at the very heart of Shards of London. The essence of the each piece is an expression of an idea, a place, a city or a beautiful object of nature which left an impression on Shards of London designers and their travels around the globe.

A criss-cross diamond shaped pattern which was inspired by the window of the Catholic Cathedral