The Peacock of Marquis Collection

A futuristic theme is explored in this thoroughly modern collection. The Peacock of Marquis is as striking, unique and aware of its quirky originalityas the bird which gave its name.

The distinctive arrangement of proud peacock feathers, with a halo of light shining all around, inspires this collection. Adorned with beautiful lilacamethysts and crystalline diamonds in set in pure, bright sterling silver, every piece in this collection makes an unmistakable statement.

Comprising a necklace, bangle, earrings and ring, the Peacock of Marquis Collection is quintessentially eccentric.


Originial • Quirky • Confident

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Peacock of Marquis Pendant
Peacock of Marquis Earring
Peacock of Marquis Ring
Peacock of Marquis Bracelet
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